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Complimentary General Membership Program

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This program is a great tool to grow your chapter membership. Every year, each Royal Neighbors chapter will receive five complimentary adult general memberships. These memberships can only be used for new members.

General Membership Application

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Program Guidelines

  • Every chapter receives five complimentary general memberships each year
  • Memberships can only be used for new adult members (those under 16 are already complimentary)
  • Memberships are complimentary the first year and can be renewed each year after for $20
  • New members must complete their application online themselves as it requires an electronic signature

Program Process

  1. The new member will complete and submit an application online. (Chapter leaders, please provide new members with your chapter number and location).
  2. After the application has been submitted, the member will receive an email confirming that the application has been received.
  3. Royal Neighbors will review the application. An email will be sent letting the member know if the application has been approved.
  4. Once approved, the member is officially a member of the chapter. Congrats!
  5. Additionally, the member will receive their membership card in the email within two weeks.
  6. Once they have received the card, they can start taking advantage of programs and benefits that are eligible to general members.

For more information, please visit:

Membership Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis..

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