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Member Relief Fund

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The Member Relief Fund is a member benefit we hope you never have to use. This fund provides financial assistance to qualifying members who experience major illnesses or property damage due to natural disasters.


Royal Neighbors recognizes that our members could be faced at any time with medical expenses as a result of illness/personal injury or damage to their homes and personal property as a result of an unforeseen disaster. The Society established a Fraternal Fund (now called the Member Relief Fund) in 1921 to provide financial assistance to qualifying Royal Neighbors members affected by such adversities. It’s a benefit we hope members never have to use, but it’s here if they need it.

The Member Relief Fund may be considered for eligible members of the Society experiencing “extreme” cases of financial need due to an illness/personal injury not covered by insurance or extensive property loss/damage not covered by insurance resulting from specific disasters. An extreme case of need is determined on an individual basis by considering out-of-pocket expenses (gross expenses incurred, less reimbursement from any relief agency, insurer, or other source), loss of income, and loss not covered by insurance.

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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Adult or Youth active beneficial member (An active beneficial member is insured by Royal Neighbors or is the owner of an annuity or settlement contract with Royal Neighbors, who is not currently on Extended Term Insurance.)
  • Extreme case of need due to:
    • Serious illness
    • Personal injury
    • Extensive property loss/damage as a result of a disaster
      • Disasters include: flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, fire, lightening, or other catastrophic weather event
      • Only damage/loss to structure and contents of an inhabited family dwelling will be considered (Loss/damage of automobiles, campers/trailers, driveways, landscaping, businesses, outbuildings, and food will not be considered.)

Application Requirements: 

  • Online applications must be received at the Home Office within six (6) months from the date of onset of illness/personal injury or disaster
  • Only those expenses/losses not covered by insurance or other relief agencies (FEMA, Red Cross, etc.) will be considered
  • Funds from the program will not be awarded to an eligible beneficial member more than once annually with a lifetime maximum of five times total per member
  • For applications related to damage caused by disasters, there is a limit of five beneficial members per household. Each member must complete a separate application and must be a permanent resident of the home affected
  • Funds will be distributed to qualified applicants until the annual fund is exhausted

Payment Options: 

Members may choose from two payment options: 

  • Option #1: Payment sufficient to specifically cover the insurance premium of the applying member’s certificate, not to exceed $200
  • Option #2: Cash payment up to $200 paid to the applying eligible active beneficial member

Member benefits are provided at the discretion of Royal Neighbors of America and are not available in all states. Member benefits are not part of any insurance or annuity contract and are not guaranteed. Insurance and annuity products should not be purchased for eligibility or maintenance of nonguaranteed membership benefits. These products should only be purchased if they meet the financial needs of the applicant.

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