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Designed to help our members save money

As a membership organization, we provide you with easy access to a variety of savings offers designed to help you maximize your budget. You will find savings on legal services, vision and dental services, prescriptions, diabetic supplies, retail, and much more.

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Save 10% to 85% on prescriptions nationwide

Photo of female pharmacist handing prescription to customer at counter

Healthcare keeps getting more expensive, but you shouldn’t have to choose between your prescription medications and other essential expenses. Make sure you’re always getting the best deal on your prescriptions with deep discounts through NB Rx. Save 10% to 85% on most prescriptions at 60,000 retail pharmacies nationwide.

The pharmacy cost comparison tool offers more transparency and choice for your prescription purchases. With the price comparison tool, you can:

  • Participating retail pharmacies include Walgreens, Target, CVS, and many other independent, national, and regional chains
  • Find the best deal by comparing prescription prices at participating pharmacies through your mobile app or web portal; then text or email the prescription price to easily cash in your savings at the pharmacy
  • My Medicine Cabinet feature allows you to save your prescription search so you can easily refresh pricing for your next refill
  • Even if you have insurance, you can present both cards at the pharmacy or research online to receive the lowest price
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Savings Marketplace

Find deals on meals, travel, electronics, gifts, and more

Shopping Benefit

Big savings are just a click away! The Royal Neighbors Savings Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for exclusive discounts from over 40 different categories across 500+ merchants.

Discounted items include:

  • Hotels and rental cars
  • Electronics and apparel
  • Food and beverage delivery
  • Home goods and home office supplies
  • Attractions, shows, concerts, and sporting events
  • Health and wellness products and memberships
  • And so much more!
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Legal Services

Experienced lawyers at discounted rates

Legal Benefits Member Benefit

Have legal questions? Get your legal questions answered by experienced lawyers at discounted rates. Attorneys help with traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce and spousal and child support. Additional services are also available at no cost to you!

  • Free services* include one-on-one consultations, attorney-made phone calls, help with legal documents, assistance with welfare and INS, representation in small claims court, and a Simple and Living Will
  • Attorneys charge only $125 an hour or 40% off their hourly rate, whichever is greater
  • 10% off all contingency-based cases
  • You’ll be referred to plan attorneys based on location, language, and area of law

*In certain situations, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to ask for a retainer prior to providing some of the free legal services.

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24/7 telehealth services for only $38 per visit


Not feeling well? Avoid the waiting room and expensive ER bills. Telehealth options through NBTelemedicine help make healthcare convenient, immediate, and affordable with 24/7 access to a doctor to treat common ailments for only $38 per visit.

The visit can take place by a phone call or a web-based video call, and may include discussing symptoms, treatment options, and prescriptions. Physicians will treat common ailments such as colds, sinus infections, allergies, pink eye, and more.

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Save on dental care and services

Photo close up of woman's smile

Smile brighter with big savings at more than 160,000 dental locations nationwide. Use your card over and over again to keep your teeth sparkling clean!

  • In most instances, save 20% to 40% per visit*
  • Save on dental services such as cleanings, X-rays, crowns, root canals, and fillings.
  • Need specialty dental care? Save on orthodontics and periodontics, too!

*Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service, and geographical area.

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Diabetic Supplies

Discounted diabetic supplies mailed directly to your home

Photo of Diabetic Glucose Meter

Save 10% to 50% on diabetic testing supplies and get a free fully-audible blood glucose meter with your first order. With the convenient online, pre-paid program, you receive discounted diabetic testing supplies shipped directly to your home.

Services include:

  • Free shipping on diabetic supply packages
  • Tracking information updates via email or text
  • Annual testing program or purchase-as-needed options available
  • No prescription required for OTC testing supplies
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or get your money back
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Diagnostic Imaging

Save money and time with access to pre-negotiated discounted rates on MRI, CT scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, and mammograms.

MRI & CT Scan

A better image leads to a better diagnosis, better treatment, and better recovery. Access high-quality medical imaging, gastroenterology services, and lab tests at discounted pre-negotiated rates. Save money on MRI, CT scans, and more. Receive a free diabetes wellness lab test with scheduled imaging services. Additionally, you can conveniently screen for colorectal cancer with an accurate at-home kit, avoiding the need for a doctor's visit.

  • Discounted and transparent rates for MRI, CT, ultrasounds, X-rays, colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, hemorrhoid banding and GI consults
  • 10% off at-home colorectal cancer screening kit
  • 10% off common lab tests at clinical lab locations nationwide


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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget

Phot of doctor placing hearing aid on woman's ear

Currently, one in nine Americans suffer from hearing loss. Let Amplifon help you find the right hearing aid solution to fit your lifestyle through personalized service and exceptional products for every budget.

  • One-year free follow-up care for cleaning and checkups with purchase
  • Two-year supply of hearing aid batteries
  • Three-year warranty
  • 100% money-back guarantee during your 60-day risk-free trial
  • Offering leading manufacturers including Siemens, Rexton, Miracle-Ear, Phonak, ReSound, Unitron, Oticon, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, and Widex
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Lab Testing

You can monitor your health and save 10% to 80% on typical costs for lab work

Lab Testing

Know your numbers! You have direct access to more than 1,500 major clinical laboratories nationwide to save you 10% to 80% on typical costs for lab work.* Find a location near you and order online or by phone.  

  • Test categories include allergies, vitamin, and cholesterol levels, liver function, fertility, thyroid, and more
  • Confidential results in as little as 24 hours for most tests

*Lab testing savings are not available to HI, MA, MD, ND, NJ, NY, RI, or SD residents.

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Life Line Screening

Affordable preventative health screenings

Photo of female doctor checking heart of female patient

We go beyond your regular checkup with a simple ultrasound screening to look inside your arteries for plaque buildup, a major risk factor of stroke.

  • For 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom is the stroke
  • According to the American Heart Association, 80% of strokes and heart disease are preventable
  • Getting screened is simple! Painless, non-invasive, and you keep your clothes on
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Save on glasses, contacts, laser surgery, and exams

Vision Member Benefit

Your eyes are the windows to your health. Now you and your family can see better savings at more than 20,000 vision providers nationwide, including national chains and local retailers.

Savings include:

  • 10% to 40% on contact lenses through America’s Eyewear mail order service
  • 40% to 50% on the national average cost of LASIK surgery
  • 20% to 60% off prescription eyewear including most frames, lenses, and specialty items such as tints, coatings, and UV protection
  • 10% to 30% off exams

Member Savings and Philanthropy Programs are provided at the discretion of Royal Neighbors of America and are not available in all states. They are not part of any insurance or annuity contract and are not guaranteed. Health discount programs are not insurance, are not intended to replace health insurance, and cannot be used in conjunction with health insurance benefits. Insurance or annuity products should not be purchased for eligibility or maintenance of nonguaranteed Member Savings opportunities. Life insurance and annuity products should only be purchased if they meet the financial needs of the applicant. Member Savings are administered by a third party and are subject to change without notice. Not all benefits mentioned are available in all states and you should check the list of providers in your area before use. Only legal, telehealth, and retail savings are available to WA residents.

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