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Fixed Annuities Guarantee a Predictable Financial Future

Annuities may seem confusing at first, but simply put, they are a financial tool designed to help provide steady income during your retirement years. You pay a certain amount in your annuity, it grows over time, then you begin to receive income for life or a set number of years when you retire.

Worried About Outliving Your Money?

Grow your retirement nest egg with these annuity options. Annuities are financial products that allow you to accumulate your retirement income on a tax-deferred basis.

Royal Neighbors offers several types of fixed annuities.

  • A flexible premium deferred annuity may be a good choice if you want to make regular contributions to your annuity over the years as you plan for retirement.
  • A single premium deferred annuity allows you to pay an initial
    lump-sum premium payment into your annuity to save toward your retirement.
  • A single premium immediate annuity allows you to make a single lump-sum premium payment and start receiving steady, fixed income payments immediately.

A fixed annuity is a long-term, tax deferred product designed for retirement savings and has limitations, including surrender charges. Administration fee applies if minimum annual accumulation values are not satisfied.

Life insurance and annuity contacts are products of the insurance industry. They are not a deposit, not FDIC or NCUA insured, not insured by any federal government agency, and not guaranteed by any bank or credit union. Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of Royal Neighbors of America. May lose value.

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a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or assurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money (the benefit) in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person (often the policy holder).

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The calculations contained within this calculator are specific to Royal Neighbors of America. It is intended to estimate an amount of life insurance coverage if death occurred in the near future. It is not a recommendation for specific coverage amounts. Your financial needs may differ from the estimates. Royal Neighbors does not guarantee that the amount illustrated here will meet your financial needs. You are responsible for selecting the appropriate amount of coverage. To evaluate your specific needs, please contact Royal Neighbors directly at (866) 845-6665.

  • Immediate Needs N/A
  • Mortgage Amount: N/A
    Other Debts: N/A
    Funeral Expenses:N/A
  • Long-term Needs N/A
  • College Costs: N/A
    Total Income:N/A
  • Total Needs N/A
  • Immediate Resources N/A
  • Investment Assets N/A
    Life Insurance Proceeds N/A
  • Long-term Resources N/A
  • Partner's Earnings N/A
    Social Security N/A
  • Total Resources N/A
Additional Life Insurance Needed
  • Your total needs minus your total resources means you need N/A

Income Replacement Estimate

This chart estimates how much life insurance your loved ones may need to replace your income and maintain their current standard of living. Your dependents may be eligible to collect Social Security income benefits, which are included in the calculation below. The “Insurance Needed” column does not include financial needs such as paying off debt or paying for college.
Year Partner Age Partner Income S.S. Income Available Income Desired Income Surplus/Shortfall Available Resources Insurance Needed

Calculations include your answers to the previous questions, in addition to the following: 3% investment return; 2.6% anticipated inflation rate; $8,500 for funeral expenses which is based on the national median cost for an adult funeral in 2014 according to the National Funeral Directors Association1; 75% of your annual combined income for desired annual income needs; and 15 years for the number of years’ income needed or the calculation of the number of years it will take your youngest child to complete higher education, whichever is greater. Social Security benefits were factored based on the age of your youngest children (up to 4). Immediate needs include your mortgage, other debts, and $8,500 for funeral expenses.

College cost estimates are based on the following parameters (based on data provided by [College Board] . The inflation rate for college costs (5.48% annually) is based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Consumer Pricing Index average from January 1996-June 2016. This rate will factor into college cost assumptions for future years, adjusted annually.

  • Amount for community college: 2 years @ $3,435/year (tuition and fees only)
  • Amount for public university: 4 years @ $19,548/year (tuition, fees, room and board)
  • Amount for private university: 4 years @ $43,921/year (tuition, fees, room and board)

1 “The national median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial for calendar year 2014 was $7,181. If a vault is included, something that is typically required by a cemetery, the median cost is $8,508. The cost does not take into account cemetery, monument or marker costs or miscellaneous cash-advance charges, such as for flowers or an obituary.”

The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.
Form #: P00016; Rev. 2-2021