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Thank you for being a Chapter Leader. We appreciate your dedication to leading social good in your neighborhood. You should be able to find everything you need for your roles as a leader on this page. If you need assistance, please contact your Member Engagement Specialist.

Chapter Leader FormDescription
Chapter Leadership
Planning Guide
This planning guide provides information on leadership responsibilities, voting, funding, member savings – it’s a great resource about running your chapter in one document.
Quarterly Volunteer Hour ReportsTo qualify for quarterly chapter funding, chapters must submit a report of volunteer activity within 5 days after the quarter.
Instructions on how to use the Reporting ToolHave questions about how to report your volunteer hours each quarter? Your Online Reporting Manual will take you step-by-step through the process so you can accurately report your chapter activities and your members’ individual volunteer hours.
Guidelines for Chapter - Volunteer Hours Use these guidelines to understand what does and does not count toward volunteer hours.
Annual Financial and Chapter Roster ReportEach Chapter must submit the Annual Financial and Chapter Roster Report by March 15 annually. To access this report, click on the link, log-in and enter your access code.
Member Savings log-in, information and FAQsTo speak with someone about Member Savings, contact us at (844) 529-5787.
Matching FundsEach year chapters have the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 through our Matching Funds program. Log-in to learn more or call the Philanthropy Team for assistance.
Photography Guidelines
and Submission
We enjoy seeing pictures of chapter events and sharing them with others. This form offers guidelines for taking great pictures as well as providing the opportunity to easily submit photos online.
Photographic and Personal Statement ReleaseThis form ensures that chapter leaders and participants in Royal Neighbors events approve of their picture(s) being used in a variety of appropriate mediums.
Release and Waiver
of Liability
This waiver is to be signed by all the special Royal Neighbors volunteers who give of their time and talents to make a difference in their community through Royal Neighbors activities.
Community ChaptersJoin or connect with your chapter.
Nation of Neighbors℠  Empowerment Grant ProgramThe Nation of Neighbors Program provides financial assistance to individuals who have a plan to start or expand a business, organization, or group that helps women and/or girls in their community. Apply to support someone in your community! Nominations are accepted from January – June each year.
Difference Maker FundThis program is designed with the individual member in mind. Receive up to $200 to plan and execute a service project in your community.
Member Relief FundOur Member Relief Fund provides monetary assistance to members experiencing extreme financial hardship as a result of illness, accident or disaster. It’s a benefit we hope members never have to use, but it’s here if they need it.
ScholarshipsEach year Royal Neighbors awards nearly $200,000 in scholarships to assist with our members’ educational pursuits.

Your Member Engagement Specialists
Contact Information

  • Darcy Smith, (309) 732-8265
  • General Inquires for Philanthropy, (309) 732-8337

Save Money With Your Member Savings

As members of Royal Neighbors, you have the opportunity to save on things such as prescriptions, legal services, car rentals and more. Log into your member savings account to learn more. Questions? Call 1-844-529-5787.

Questions about Life Insurance and Annuities

  • Please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-627-4762

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