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Chapter Matching Funds Program

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Supporting the Fund-Raising Efforts of our Community Chapters

Your chapter can apply for our Chapter Matching Funds program once a calendar year to support a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization! This is a great to program to enhance your chapter’s fundraising efforts.

How does this program work?

Your chapter conducts a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, and if approved, Royal Neighbors will match the amount up to $1,000. The fundraising event and nonprofit is up to your chapter and can be different each year.

Please note: There are instances when a chapter may hold numerous fundraisers for one organization to reach a fundraising goal. This is okay. Chapter will need to submit a final report after the final fundraiser, and one check will be sent for the entire matched amount (up to $1,000) to the organization at this time.

Who is eligible for this program:

All active chapters in good standing. Good standing chapters must have met the $700-funding level at least once this past year and have submitted reports for the previous year (Quarterly Reports and Annual Financial and Chapter Roster).

Please note: Chapters that are less than a year old will be eligible based on their reporting records since their charter date.

About the Program

  • Chapters must apply and receive pre-approval to participate.
  • Each chapter can use this program for one nonprofit organization each year.
  • Funds will only be awarded to fundraisers that are supporting a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Chapters can host multiple fundraisers to reach the $1,000, but only one check will be sent to the nonprofit.
  • Chapters must submit a final report after the fundraiser has been completed. Proof of donation must be included in the final report.

Ready to get started?

Need to complete your final or payment report?

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